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Oracle Surveys is a leading service provider in large-scale engineering projects where absolute precision is required in structures of height and location. The company’s continued investment in leading-edge technology enables us to consistently deliver superior and cost effective outcomes for clients. Our clients rely on our data and expertise to efficiently manage construction time lines and reduce project risk.

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Subdivision Perth


If you are looking at subdividing, use our expertise to maximise the potential of your block and profit.

We offer a total consultancy and physical surveying solution to strata and survey strata developments that will save you time and costs that are associated with subdividing.

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Oracle Surveys can provide surveying services for all aspects of commercial development including mixed use (residential, retail and commercial) construction.

We are experienced in coordinating the site requirements and documentation needed for small and large scale commercial developments including commercial subdivision and survey strata.

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Project Management

We offer project management of sub-divisional works as per WAPC conditional approval on a quote-to-tender basis; and, our relationships with a host of preferred suppliers ensures our clients get the best possible value for money.

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town planning

Town Planning & WAPC Applications

At Oracle we believe that successful projects start with the right advice.

We want to provide you with the very best options when you subdivide so that you realise maximum profitability through sound planning practices.

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Monitoring & Geotechnical

Deformation monitoring is the systematic measurement and tracking of changes in the shape or dimension of a built structure as a result of stress from applied loads. It provides proactive control of a potential hazard by measuring for the slightest movement. It is often a requirement for tunnels, roads, high rise and historical buildings, constructions sites, and bridges.

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3D Laser Scanning

The emergence of infrastructure imaging, using 3D laser scanning, is one of the fastest growing areas in modern surveying. Oracle’s continued investment in the latest 3D scanning equipment guarantees that we are always at the leading edge in our field.

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Feature Surveys Perth


The use of GPS in surveying has meant the ability to take more precise measurements in less time and at lower cost.

Oracle Surveys adds considerable value to projects by taking advantage of the latest real-time and static methods of GPS technology to support the accurate mapping of physical features and set out of infrastructure.

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