If you are looking at subdividing, use our expertise to maximise the potential of your block and profit.

We offer a total consultancy and physical surveying solution to strata and survey strata developments that will save you time and costs that are associated with subdividing.

Our experience in managing all land development and subdivisional works is extensive – we provide services to over 100 residential clients every year. With a detailed understanding of planning requirements, the team at Oracle can oversee the entire process, including (but not limited to):

  • The initial feature (contour) survey
  • Boundary definition survey to establish property boundaries, including re-establishment surveys
  • House set out to ensure precise positioning of buildings
  • Submission of the subdivision proposal to the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC)
  • Survey and creation of Deposited Plans, Strata Plans and Survey Strata Plans.
  • Project management of the sub-divisional works as per the conditional approval granted by the WAPC
  • Registration of Certificate of Titles