Monitoring & Geotechnical

Deformation monitoring is the systematic measurement and tracking of changes in the shape or dimension of a built structure as a result of stress from applied loads. It provides proactive control of a potential hazard by measuring for the slightest movement. It is often a requirement for tunnels, roads, high rise and historical buildings, constructions sites, and bridges.

Oracle provides survey for deformation using manual and real-time automated systems that utilise cutting-edge geotechnical and structural information technology including:

  • Peizometers
  • Tilt Meter (inclinometers)
  • Crack meters
  • Surface Settlement markers
  • Building Settlement markers
  • Vibration monitors

Oracle also undertakes structural monitoring of tunnels, new structures and heritage buildings using:

  • High precision 3D laser scanning
  • Total stations that utilise manual or real time methodology