3D Laser Scanning

The emergence of infrastructure imaging using 3D laser scanning, is one of the fastest growing areas in modern surveying.

Oracle’s continued investment in the latest 3D scanning equipment guarantees that we are always at the leading edge in our field.

Predominantly used by the planning and construction industries, 3D laser scanning enables 360 degree surveys from a fixed point, as well as vertical imaging.

The Leica 3D scanners used by Oracle scan at a rate of 1 million points per second, enabling the collection of millions of individual point measurements in minutes. When plotted within a single XYZ coordinate system they form a ‘point cloud’ of the object’s external surface. This can then be incorporated into different coordinate systems used for visualisation, modelling and planning in 3D to assist with construction, maintenance and asset management.

The team at Oracle utilise 3D scanning technology for:

  • Rapid data collection
  • Component alignment
  • Registered Point cloud databases
  • Rendered/ modelled databases
  • Facilities and asset management
  • Heritage building scanning
  • Topographic data surveys
  • Road, utility and network data extraction
  • Out-puts in revit modules